Surveillance Intelligence System

  • Identify targets using search or facial recognition…
  • Create records about vehicles; incidents; people; organisations; operations & locations…
  • and LINK them.

Add records

  • Add records about operations, people, vehicles, incidents, organisations, locations and assets.

Add Media

  • Add multiple media items to each record: images, documents, audio, video files etc.

Audit Trail

  • Searchable audit trail registers any action performed on a record or media item.
  •  Audit trail can be searched by time frame or user for records that have been viewed or edited.

Link records

  • Link people to vehicles, organisations to incidents, locations to groups
  • Build up a bigger picture of who is associated with who.
  • View links in a graphic interface that makes it easy to see information.

Extensive Search Facilities

  • Search by one  or more keywords.
  • Save searches to repeat easily later.
  • Search within a category or across the whole CrimeBase.
  • View results individually or as a list.