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ImageBase Technology has developed a suite of interactive multimedia communications and database products, aimed at the law enforcement, operational military and intelligence gathering sectors.GoldView OverviewClick to view/download PDF

Although the products were initially designed to operate as standalone systems, they have evolved over the past few years so that they can be integrated with each other on a single operational communications network(s).

The basis of the Goldview Network is the integration of third party products which can include Biometric Identification software, Tracking Systems, Audio & Video Surveillance Systems, Surveillance Sensor networks, Forensic Analysis Systems and  Remote Observation Vehicle (ROV) deployments. These products can be integrated into a single Mission Control Interface, ‘Goldview ’, in order to provide a more cohesive and streamlined operational surveillance and intelligence network.

Third party products can include Tracking Systems, Audio & Video Surveillance Systems, Surveillance Sensors and  biometric identification networks and these product can be integrated into a single Mission Control Interface, which is named ‘Goldview ’.



  • Secure, mobile & interactive image & data communications between vehicles, foot officers & Control Room.
  • Provides real-time communications between devices via the organisation’s existing network servers
  • Install on desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, Blackberry smartphones & Android devices.

Photophone Overview

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  • Capture, transmit & receive surveillance media
  • Mobile Facial Recognition
  • Real-time, Interactive Comms
  • GPS Personnel Tracking
  • Data Encryption
  • Audit Trails
  • GPS Image Locator

Capture, Send & Receive

  • Device GPS Coordinates
  • Images
  • Files (video, audio, text)
  • Instant Messaging
  • Interactive Annotation


Surveillance Intelligence System

  • Identify targets using search or facial recognition…
  • Create records about vehicles; incidents; people; organisations; operations & locations…
  • and LINK them.

Add records

  • Add records about operations, people, vehicles, incidents, organisations, locations and assets.

Add Media

  • Add multiple media items to each record: images, documents, audio, video files etc.

Audit Trail

  • Searchable audit trail registers any action performed on a record or media item.
  •  Audit trail can be searched by time frame or user for records that have been viewed or edited.

Link records

  • Link people to vehicles, organisations to incidents, locations to groups
  • Build up a bigger picture of who is associated with who.
  • View links in a graphic interface that makes it easy to see information.

Extensive Search Facilities

  • Search by one  or more keywords.
  • Save searches to repeat easily later.
  • Search within a category or across the whole CrimeBase.
  • View results individually or as a list.



Forensic Exhibit Management System

XBook is a cradle-to-grave exhibits system, managing the evidential components from the time of recovery to the point of restoration or destruction.

XBook’s facilities help investigation teams avoid the requirement of producing original exhibits, preserving the Continuity and Integrity of the original piece of evidence.

XBook has been designed to turn the time-consuming, administrative aspects of a crime investigation into easily managed computer-driven tasks, such as :

  • Auto-report Generation
  • MIR Coversheets
  • Exhibit Lists
  • Exhibit Identification Labels
  • Scene Logs
  • Property Receipts
  • Pre-formatted Local & National Forms
  • Link to MG11 Forms (statements)
  • Auto-record Completion.


XBook allows officers to complete complex and lengthy statements in a fraction of the time it takes to do it manually or using other computer systems.

Powerful and Extensive data Retrieval

From an unlimited number of records and documents. The system provides the power to search individual operations or across the whole system of active or inactive operations.

Exhibit Tagging

All exhibit records can be tagged, either singly or in bulk.

Case Management Statistics

All data is recoverable in a statistical format, showing, for example, the number of exhibits produced by any one officer or the number of exhibits in each operation.

Court Presentation

XBook has the facility to produce Court Exhibit Lists, which can be distributed to the Judge, Prosecution, Defence and Jury.


XBook has been designed with portability, ease-of-use and flexibility in mind. Complete record and data sets for entire operations can be transferred onto or from either a laptop computer or onto a CD. Image and File Management

A clear image of the exhibit can be captured, stored and transmitted within minutes of it being found.

Multiple Digital Photos/Video clips

Each XBook record can have multiple digital images/video clips attached to it. If sufficient photos are taken of the item, it is unlikely that the exhibit will need to be handled after initial forensic examinations. Further image attachments can include scanned pages of documentation found at the scene of the crime (e.g. handwritten notebooks, pages torn from books, address books).

File Attachments

As well as allowing images and video clips to be attached to records, any other file can also be attached to XBook exhibit records Users have instant access to documents such as Forensic Reports, Analytical Statements, Police Officer Statements, and Action Results simply by clicking on the file name which is displayed as part of the record.




Tactical Video Multicast System

The VideoLink Control Software will allow users the ability to monitor multiple video feeds from a variety of different sources. The software will also link to Photophone and CrimeBase for onward transmission & storage of clips and still images.

videoview pic

  • A world class surveillance solution for secure remote viewing of video over very low bandwidth networks.
  • Higher quality, lower latency and more resilient approach to video and audio transmission.
  • Secure live video and audio transmissions in locations with very low bandwidth
  • Rapidly deployable for operational situations where installation time is critical
  • Highly reliable on-board surveillance transmission from moving vehicles
  • Ideal in a range of static and dynamic operating scenarios:
  • Covert surveillance operations
  • Mobile policing and rapid response
  • Tactical surveillance capability
  • On-board monitoring
  • Critical infrastructure protection