Forensic Exhibit Management System XBook is a cradle-to-grave exhibits system, managing the evidential components from the time of recovery to the point of restoration or destruction. XBook’s facilities help investigation teams avoid the requirement of producing original exhibits, preserving the Continuity and Integrity of the original piece of evidence. XBook has been designed to turn … Read moreXBook


Description Secure, mobile & interactive image & data communications between vehicles, foot officers & Control Room. Provides real-time communications between devices via the organisation’s existing network servers Install on desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, Blackberry smartphones & Android devices. Click to view/download PDF Features Capture, transmit & receive surveillance media Mobile Facial Recognition Real-time, Interactive Comms GPS … Read morePhotophone


Surveillance Intelligence System Identify targets using search or facial recognition… Create records about vehicles; incidents; people; organisations; operations & locations… and LINK them. Add records Add records about operations, people, vehicles, incidents, organisations, locations and assets. Add Media Add multiple media items to each record: images, documents, audio, video files etc. Audit Trail Searchable audit … Read moreCrimeBase


ImageBase Technology has developed a suite of interactive multimedia communications and database products, aimed at the law enforcement, operational military and intelligence gathering sectors.Click to view/download PDF Although the products were initially designed to operate as standalone systems, they have evolved over the past few years so that they can be integrated with each other … Read moreGoldview

ImageBase Technology Ltd

ImageBase Technology Ltd is a software development house specialising in cross-platform communication and database solutions. Our products are already in use by police forces both in the UK and abroad. Our core products 1) Photophone, an application for providing real-time interactive image communication between desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, Blackberry & Android (in development) smartphones. 2) … Read moreImageBase Technology Ltd

DAT Training

COVERT SURVEILLANCE TRAINING FOR SPECIALISTS FROM SPECIALISTS Home DAT Training delivers specialist covert surveillance training to Law Enforcement Agencies, Government Agencies and Specialist Military Units throughout the world and provides Safe Travel and Security Awareness training for corporate organisations whose staff travel overseas, including security details for employees and any other valuable company assetts that require the highest level … Read moreDAT Training


Tactical Video Multicast System The VideoLink Control Software will allow users the ability to monitor multiple video feeds from a variety of different sources. The software will also link to Photophone and CrimeBase for onward transmission & storage of clips and still images. A world class surveillance solution for secure remote viewing of video over … Read moreVideoView