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  • Secure, mobile & interactive image & data communications between vehicles, foot officers & Control Room.
  • Provides real-time communications between devices via the organisation’s existing network servers
  • Install on desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, Blackberry smartphones & Android devices.

Photophone Overview

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  • Capture, transmit & receive surveillance media
  • Mobile Facial Recognition
  • Real-time, Interactive Comms
  • GPS Personnel Tracking
  • Data Encryption
  • Audit Trails
  • GPS Image Locator

Capture, Send & Receive

  • Device GPS Coordinates
  • Images
  • Files (video, audio, text)
  • Instant Messaging
  • Interactive Annotation


Tactical Video Multicast System

The VideoLink Control Software will allow users the ability to monitor multiple video feeds from a variety of different sources. The software will also link to Photophone and CrimeBase for onward transmission & storage of clips and still images.

videoview pic

  • A world class surveillance solution for secure remote viewing of video over very low bandwidth networks.
  • Higher quality, lower latency and more resilient approach to video and audio transmission.
  • Secure live video and audio transmissions in locations with very low bandwidth
  • Rapidly deployable for operational situations where installation time is critical
  • Highly reliable on-board surveillance transmission from moving vehicles
  • Ideal in a range of static and dynamic operating scenarios:
  • Covert surveillance operations
  • Mobile policing and rapid response
  • Tactical surveillance capability
  • On-board monitoring
  • Critical infrastructure protection