DAT Training



DAT Training delivers specialist covert surveillance training to Law Enforcement Agencies, Government Agencies and Specialist Military Units throughout the world and provides Safe Travel and Security Awareness training for corporate organisations whose staff travel overseas, including security details for employees and any other valuable company assetts that require the highest level of safeguarding whilst away from their homelands.
DAT Training was established in 2003, and has since gained an international reputation for excellence in the law enforcement, government and military communities. We are based in the Netherlands and have training
facilities within the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. We can also deliver all of the covert courses within customer’s territories. Our quality reputation has been earned through integrity, diligence and persistent hard work, unswerving loyalty and absolute confidentiality to each and every customer.We offer in addition to training, a covert arm engaged in operational surveillance on a regular basis.We also supply various items of equipment from Body Worn Cameras to sophisticated restricted surveillance equipment.DAT Training constantly strives to develop and conduct surveillance courses which address “real world” law enforcement, special operations and anti/counterterrorism problems, situations and activities. Each of our courses are carefully researched, and contain sensitive investigative “techniques”. While the course material is not classified information per se, release of such information, or techniques to unauthorized persons could have serious, adverse, or harmful effects on future law enforcement and military operations.