ImageBase Technology Ltd

ImageBase Technology Ltd is a software development house specialising in cross-platform communication and database solutions. Our products are already in use by police forces both in the UK and abroad. Our core products
1) Photophone, an application for providing real-time interactive image communication between desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, Blackberry & Android (in development) smartphones.
2) CrimeBase, an Intelligence database in which Surveillance multimedia is stored to build an intelligence picture about specific subjects, vehicles, locations, incidents, organisations and how they are associated.
3) Facecheck, a facial recognition system which can either independently or from within Photophone or CrimeBase

Tactical Wireless Ltd

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Omni-Hub is an integrated communications system using an intelligent bonded router which manages bandwidth utilising all the available commercial networks to ensure that the transmission of data, video and audio from IP peripherals is reliable, secure and economic.

> Network neutral communications – bonding of commercial wireless and satellite networks
> Enhanced cellular and WiFi connectivity with multiple antennas
> Fully Comms On The Move (COTM)
> Enhanced cellular and WiFi connectivity with multiple antennas
> FBI approved secure evidence system – through a series of electronically watermarked jpeg’s
> Multiple security layers – secure private network, enterprise grade encryption and multiple bonded routes
> Integral secure push to talk (PTT) and video conferencing
> Future proof system – a dedicated network infrastructure is not required
> Bonded, secure multi-network connectivity
> Resilience
> Flexibility
> Controllability
> Cost effectiveness